Teens and youth today are constantly connected, as members of the first generation raised around smartphones and social media. They’re also known for being part of a generation that’s idealistic, passionate, and outspoken.

To understand what drives today’s youth—from the content they consume to their daily routines to the ideals they value most—Viacom studied 1.5 million people in 83 countries in the past year. The effort is led by Viacom’s Consumer Insights teams, whose research reveals emerging trends about audiences around the world.

To hear directly from some of the today’s young audiences—and see a few key insights—watch the video and read through some defining characteristics of the teens and youth below.

They believe in keeping it real. 

The teens and young adults of today are unapologetically themselves, as 91% say that being true to who they are is a huge part of their identity. They’re open about their interests, whether that includes acting and singing or embracing their social awkwardness and conspiracy-theory obsessions. They also celebrate diversity and feel it’s crucial to be comfortable in their own skin.

The internet is a necessity. 

For young people today, who have grown up online, the Internet is an everyday need. According to our research, 81% of teens say the Internet is as essential as food and sleep. It’s opened up new worlds and new possibilities. Without it, they feel disconnected and unmoored.

Collaboration is key. 

Young people are idealistic, even amid an increasingly divisive culture. They seek to create the change they want to see in the world, whether that be by organizing a rally or launching a social media campaign. They also want to work with others to get these things done. Teens report using social media 50 times per day to connect online, and 96% of them say it’s important to collaborate with their peers to make the world a better place.