Born into technology and always connected, youth today are hyperaware, wise beyond their years, and under pressure to have an opinion about everything.  Instinctively inclusive, they celebrate diversity in all forms while trying to stay true to their core and authentic selves.

Viacom’s global study Youth in Flux showcases the new reality of youth — their individual and collective goals, as well as the life strategies they use to survive and thrive in a difficult world.

Today we are pleased to share a fanzine that illustrates insights from the study and tells the story of youth around the world today.

You can also view the fanzine in full screen here.

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Viacom’s Youth In Flux study connected with over 7,000 young people aged 16-24, employing a range of qualitative methods (including video diaries, ethnographic interviews, an online community and a co-creation ‘pajama party’), as well as a survey of almost 7,471 people aged 16-24 across 14 countries (Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK, US