It’s not easy for youth growing up in the modern world, according to Viacom Global Consumer Insights’ new study of over 7,000 young people aged 16-24 in 14 countries*.  In fact, 93% of youth globally feel that it’s hard being young today.

Youth today are ‘always on.’ They are in the know about what’s happening all the time. Whether it’s a financial meltdown, refugee crisis, feminist issue, terrorist attack or environmental threat, they are keeping up to date in real-time. In fact, it’s hard to avoid – and this hyperawareness makes them wise beyond their years.

Today’s teens don’t remember a world without the Internet, social media and mobile phones. Born into tech and growing up in a digital world, they have developed a love/hate relationship with their online addictions.

“I hate how much I use social media, though. I hate how much I use it, but it’s so addictive. You just can’t stop. It’s terrible.” – Olivia, 20, Australia

Youth are countering their complex relationship to technology with a holistic attitude towards life.  Success is less about accomplishment than about chasing their dreams. In fact, those attempts at fulfilling their ambitions can be just as valuable as real achievements…

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* This project employed a range of qualitative methods (video diaries, ethnographic interviews, an online community and a co-creation ‘pajama party’), as well as a survey of almost 7,471 people aged 16-24 across 14 countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.