Music is a fundamental part of the lives of young people in Latin America.  It acts as an emotional catalyst that helps them connect with their feelings, whatever those feelings might be, whether they are alone or with friends.  Music is a constant.

Mobile phones are their preferred device for consuming music; 8 in 10 saying they like to listen on their smartphone best.  They love the 24-hour availability of content through streaming platforms and the portability of their mobile devices.

The experience of seeing their favorite artists at live concerts provides a satisfying rush of adrenaline. They enjoy music festivals for discovering new music and concerts to see their favorite bands up close.

For bands or singers that really interest them, young people in Latin America make an effort to stay up on the latest news and developments. Social networks and music sites are their main sources of information.

Based on Culture Catchers, an online community where young people in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia express their opinions freely and share their experiences. Each study has 200 participants.