Music is essential in the daily lives of Brazilian young people. Their song choices are a reflection of their moods, helping them get in touch with their emotions.

Social networks bring them closer to artists. Direct contact with their favorite musicians, even over the internet, is synonymous with happiness and satisfaction. They most often search for information about music on social networks and music sites.

Young people in Brazil use free services to stream and watch music on their phones and online, enjoying the 24-hour availability of content and the portability of their mobile devices. While they want to listen to music all the time, they don’t want to pay for it.

As tech-savvy as they are, they see live shows as the ultimate music fan experience – there is nothing better than seeing their idols at close range.

Brazilian music is a favorite for 6 in 10 Brazilian young people; they truly value their culture and language. Other genres they enjoy are rock, pop, backcountry, gospel and religious.

Based on Culture Catchers, an online community where young people in Brazil freely express their opinions and share their experiences. Each study has 120 participants.