How do young people see the world today? What are they thinking, how are they feeling and what’s informing their attitudes and perspectives?

We’ve committed time, energy and resources to answer these questions. And today we’re releasing Youth Decoded—our latest exploration focused on the experiences and perspectives of Gen Z teens and young adults. Youth Decoded tells the story of teens and young adults so far, and grounds that story in insights and data from proprietary studies and syndicated sources spanning 46 countries. We’ve captured the experiences and opinions of over 58,000 individual 12–25-year olds—all to paint a picture of how the world is shaping up today.

While much has already been written about this generation, few, if any, studies have endeavored to strike a truly global perspective. Ours has.

Here are five key themes for Gen Z from Youth Decoded:

Staying switched on
Gen Z is one of the most educated generations ever. And their appetite for knowledge, coupled with their fluency in technology, is opening up new worlds for them.

Forging new futures
The combination of being well educated and switched on to technology is making Gen Z a forward-thinking, future-focused generation.

Searching for experience
Gen Z are more risk-averse than prior generations and instead are turning to emotional connection, creativity, and shared experiences as sources of happiness and fun.

Championing inclusivity
Young people today have cultivated an open mindset. They’re vocal advocates for social causes, they champion individual freedom and they’re not afraid to take action.

Coping with stress
Though stress is a global epidemic among Gen Z, young people have become increasingly mindful of their mental health. What’s more, they’re finding new ways to cope with the challenges of youth.