How do Mexicans feel about movies?

In our global study Movie Moments, we spoke to 4,500 people aged 16 to 54 in 9 countries (including 500 in Mexico) about their movie-viewing behaviors and attitudes. Here’s what we learned about Mexicans and movies:

Mexicans love movies and watch them regularly. Nine out of 10 Mexicans (90%) told us they love movies – and among the 9 countries surveyed, Mexico was #1 in agreement with this sentiment. Mexican adults are more likely than their global peers to watch at least one movie per week (85% Mexico, 71% globally).

They appreciate the experience of watching movies at the cinema as much as at home. While in an average week, most Mexicans (72%) watch movies at home but not at the cinema, they are more likely than their global peers to watch both at home and at the cinema weekly (26% Mexico, 15% globally). They are also more likely to find the cinema experience more engaging/gripping (82% Mexico, 70% globally) and to love watching at home because they’re surrounded by their home comforts (80% Mexico, 76% globally).

Action and adventure are their favorite movie genres. In Mexico, the most popular movie genres are action (80%), adventure (74%), comedy (71%), sci-fi (67%), thriller (65%), animation (61%), rom-com (57%), fantasy (55%), mystery (54%), history (48%), drama (48%) and romance (47%).

Mexicans believe that movies expand their understanding of the world. Most consider movies to be an important art form (82% Mexico, 70% globally), as well as an important way to learn about new cultures (80% Mexico, 66% globally). The majority also agree that foreign-language films help broaden their horizons (70% Mexico, 48% globally). Mexicans also love movies that have been adapted from real life (83% Mexico, 73% globally).

They research their movie choices, usually through trailers. Mexicans are even more likely than their global peers to research their decisions about what movies to watch. This is true for the cinema (94% Mexico, 91% globally) as well as for movies viewed at home (88% Mexico, 84% globally). Trailers are by far their main source of information – 66% watch a trailer before choosing a movie at the cinema and 52% watch a trailer before choosing a movie to watch at home.

Mexicans are more likely to watch movies with their kids, and to see it as quality time. In Mexico, 35% of movie viewing happens with kids – more than with a partner (29%), alone (19%), or with friends (6%). (Globally, movies are most often viewed either alone or with a partner.) Parents in Mexico are much more likely to watch movies with their kids (75% Mexico, 58% globally) and most (91%) enjoy watching movies with kids – higher than the global average of 87%. Virtually all (98%) agree that family movie viewing is quality time, well above the global average of 86%.