When watching movies, who you’re watching with has a big influence on what, how and why you watch. This insight has been revealed through Viacom’s new global study* Movie Moments, which included a detailed analysis of over 12,000 movie viewing occasions.

The majority of these viewing occasions fall within four key “Movie Moments”:

  • Lone Rangers: Solo, generally more passive viewing occasions that often center around after-work unwinding on weekdays and late nights. Often, this is a repeat viewing of the movie (40% of occasions).
  • Two’s Company: “Date night” viewing occasions with a partner or spouse that usually happen in the evening. This is quality time spent together at home (56% of occasions) or at the cinema (44%), most often with the Action, Comedy and Drama genres.
  • Just Friends: Special events with a social focus, these friends-only occasions are about catching up with friends over the latest movies. As such, they usually take place in the cinema (73% of occasions).
  • With Kids: Movie-viewing with kids is fun and quality time for the whole family. The choice of what to see is a collaborative decision between parents and kids. Viewing with children under 5 most often takes place at home, while families with older kids enjoy a mix of home and cinema screenings.

Please check out the above infographic that brings these Movie Moments to life. To see another article from this project, click here.

* Viacom connected with 4,500 Adults aged 16-54 in 9 countries around the world: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Spain, UK, USA