How do kids around the world feel about movies—and how do they decide which to see?

A recent Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) study sought to answer this question with an online survey of nearly 2,400 kids 6 to 14 and their parents in eight countries. They study’s goal was to explore the cinema-going movie experience for children.

Here are key findings from that study:

Kids are big movie fans!

  • Kids are passionate about films—84% say they love watching movies.
  • They are frequent movie viewers. Virtually all kids report watching them at home (94% once a month, 89% twice a month). They also are regular cinema-goers, with 6 in 10 saying they go monthly and a third going twice a month. The most frequent moviegoers surveyed were in Mexico and Brazil, where 65% and 56%, respectively, say they go at least once a month.

This study identified 3 different kids’ movie segments: Mini Buffs, Mainstream Enthusiasts and Indifferents.

  • “Mini Buffs” represent 23% of the population (37% in Brazil) and say they LOVE movies. They have a lot of film knowledge and are hungry for movie-related content. While a smaller segment, they drive visits, with 55% going every 2 weeks. Two-thirds of them (34%) share their love of movies by sharing movie content online..
  • The majority (%) identify as “Mainstream Enthusiasts.” They are interested in movies, but more casually than the Mini Buffs, and see films regularly (46% go every 2 weeks). This group is critical for advocacy, with 36% reporting that they have shared movie content online. In other words, they are as likely as “Mini Buffs” to be sharing movie content online, yet have stronger numbers.
  • Indifferents are less knowledgeable and passionate about movies, representing 22% of kids.

Social circles play a key role in families’ movie awareness and decisions about what to see. TV ads and trailers also influence their choices.

  • Deciding which movie to see is a family collaboration. Nearly 7 in 10 parents see it as a joint process between parents and kids. Kids perceive themselves (60%) and their moms (59%) as the primary deciders.
  • Kids feel knowledgeable about films and enjoy discussing them. Nearly 7 in 10 say family and friends ask for their opinions about movies.
  • Parents primarily find out about movies from TV ads (57%) and their kids (56%). However, cinema websites (43%) and trailers at the movies (42%) also play important roles. Millennial parents in particular use more sources than their slightly older peers, over-indexing in learning about movies from friends, social media and YouTube.
  • For kids, ads and trailers are most influential in their movie decisions (71%). They watch trailers on multiple devices, with TV (68%) and computers (54%) as the most common. Just over half (52%) see trailers at the cinema as well. Beyond ads and trailers, kids report that their friends having seen a movie also can guide their decisions (67%).

Going to the movies is quality family time that should be enjoyable for everyone.

  • For 92% of kids, going to the movies is an enjoyable way to spend time with family.
  • Parents want kids’ movies to entertain them, too; 8 in 10 agree it’s important for them to enjoy the movie. (And even more so for Millennial parents.)
  • For 80% of kids, going to the movies is a treat—and for 76%, part of the fun is the popcorn, sweets and fizzy drinks!

Kids love the movie experience so much that their engagement extends beyond the theater.

  • Before going to a movie, 2 out of 3 kids say they like to find out more about the film.
  • By a long shot, kids’ favorite type of “extra” content is funny clips about the movie (63% enjoy it most). Also popular are clips on how animation is done (31%) and outtakes (30%).
  • TV shows about movies are also of interest—8 in 10 kids enjoy watching them.
  • After seeing a film, kids love to talk! Nearly 80% report having spoken to friends about movies they’ve just seen and 67% have spoken about them with family.

What’s one thing kids really want when it comes to movies? To see MORE! Over 8 in 10 say they wish they could go to the cinema more often.