What’s most important to consumers who attend music festivals around the world – and what are their spending habits?

We recently conducted a study to learn more about the opportunities that music festivals present. This research involved focus groups, interviews with festivalgoers, and an online survey of 10,000 consumers aged 13 to 54 in 10 countries.

Here’s some of what we learned:

Music festivals attract sizeable audiences around the world. Close to a third of people aged 13 to 54 went to a music festival in the last 12 months. Festivals appeal to people across age and gender lines, but 18-34 year-olds are most likely to attend.

The music and sense of connection to others are a big draw. Virtually all festivalgoers (92%) believe that a great line-up of artists is an essential part of any music festival – and a similar proportion (89%) agree that music festivals are a great way to connect with like-minded people. Those amazing moments have the capacity to travel beyond the festival, with 74% believing that it’s important to capture and to share their music festival experiences on social media. And for 80%, music festivals are a highlight of their spring/summer.

When it comes to spending, the ticket purchase is just the beginning. The ticket represents just 28% of the average spend on a festival. Other spending goes toward VIP add-ons, travel to and from the festival, food and drinks at the festival, merchandise, things bought in advance like outfits and tents.

Festivalgoers will pay more for a more memorable and comfortable experience. Two-thirds of festivalgoers said they are “very likely” to pay for an enhanced experience. Some consumers opt for VIP exclusives like artist meet-and-greets, backstage passes, VIP chill-out areas, exclusive sets, VIP bar and catering, and commemorative VIP merch. These “extras” can also include logistical upgrades like better toilets, priority access to the site, and nicer camping facilities.

They’re also willing to travel and stay. The average travel time to a music festival is 2.2 hours. Of those who went to a festival in the last 12 months, 68% attended one that lasted 2+ days. And among those who attended a 2+ day festival, close to half camped (44%).