How are consumers around the world planning their vacations and day trips– and what types of destinations and events are they choosing? Here are some insights that we’ve uncovered:

We have confirmed that women are more often the decision-makers about leisure activities. Globally, 57% of women have most or all of the responsibility for organizing vacations and day trips.

Digital and social media are essential tools for planning vacations and events. For vacationers, 82% used these sources. Their planning journey typically begins with discussions with travel companions about where and when to go, followed by online research, setting a budget, getting inspiration from a variety of sources, checking out reviews, shortlisting options, exploring area activities, and finally booking flights and accommodations. For eventgoers, 58% employed digital and social media in their planning – and interestingly, the event-planning journey doesn’t end with booking tickets. Eventgoers generally begin by talking with companions to establish “where and when,” then they see ads, do online research, establish a budget, talk to friends who’ve gone to the event, explore area activities, and book tickets. After that, they check out reviews, social media or brochures, and then complete the process by organizing travel to get there.

The most popular vacation sites are beaches and cities. On average, people took four vacations in the last year. Close to half went to beaches (48%) or cities (47%). Other top locations were resorts or spas (36%), camping or hiking locales (19%), mountains or ski destinations (13%), sporting experiences such as golf retreats (10%), and cruises (9%).

Theme parks and music concerts are the main events. People attended an average of 6 events in the last year. Over half went to a theme park (57%) or a concert (52%). Other popular events include water parks (47%), live sporting events (44%), music festivals (41%), comedy festivals (26%), and live events with TV or movie characters (26%).