The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil begins on June 12th. How do Latin American tweens feel about the event, its players, and having Brazil as its host? Nickelodeon sought to find out in a recent study based on Conicktado, an online panel of children 9 to 14 in Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. Here are key findings:

The World Cup is THE event of the year, a month for sharing with family and friends.

  • Related shows, fan movements, and songs generate a lot of interest
  • They’ll watch the games at home or school
  • Dad = main viewing companion

Tweens like the choice of Brazil as World Cup host.

  • The Río movies make Brazil a more familiar place
  • They display a strong sense of regionalism
  • Brazil’s culture, music, joie-de-vivre, and wildlife are all highly appealing

The players are the real stars. 

  • Tweens mention famous international players most, and hold many of them as idols (especially Neymar and Messi)
  • Shakira, J.Lo, and Ricky Martin are the World Cup’s celebrities, but not its stars

Tweens recognize World Cup sponsors, but don’t participate in contests and raffles.

  • They recognize sponsors but tend to think promotions are for adults
  • Merchandising is the most appealing/influential tactic
  • World Cup euphoria makes tweens optimistic about their country’s chances of winning.
  • Among tweens, 60% of Mexicans, half of Colombians, and all Argentinians believe their country will win
  • Favorite national team players: Falcao (Colombia), Messi and Higuain (Argentina), and Rafa Márquez and Chicharito (Mexico)