What’s it like to be a child in Portugal today?

Using research from our Kids of the World and The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience projects, here are a few of our latest insights about kids aged 6 to 11 in Portugal:

They’re tech lovers who are more likely to have their own devices. The majority of kids aged 6 to 11 in Portugal say they love technology (91% Portugal, 83% globally). Two-thirds (67%) have their own tablet, compared with 41% of global kids – a 63% difference). They’re also more likely to own a smartphone (57% in Portugal vs. 37% globally – a 54% difference).  

They see themselves as inquisitive, self-assured, and comfortable telling others what they think. Virtually all Portuguese kids describe themselves as curious about the world (95% vs. 89% globally), confident (92% vs. 86% globally), and happy to share their opinions (92% vs. 86% globally).

They’re resilient and believe in hard work. Portuguese kids are more likely than their global peers to feel that they can accomplish anything if they work hard enough (94% Portugal, 87% globally). They’re also slightly more likely to believe that it’s better to try things and risk making mistakes than never to try at all (88% Portugal, 85% globally).

Their happiness is a top concern for their parents, along with financial stability and personal safety. A few things not only worry most Portuguese parents – they express these anxieties at a higher rate than global parents. Virtually all Portuguese parents (95%) worry about keeping their kids happy (78% globally), 95% worry about not having enough money (79% globally), and 92% worry about being safe (69% globally).

When they feel stressed, they turn to their loved ones. Portuguese kids are 30% more likely than kids elsewhere around the world to spend time with family and friends to relieve stress (65% in Portugal, 50% globally).