What’s life like for kids in Indonesia today?

Viacom’s recent Kids of the World study surveyed nearly 6,000 kids aged 6 to 11 from 30 countries, including Indonesia. We took a close look at data on Indonesian 6- to 11-year-olds – and here’s what we found:

They’re much more likely to have a smartphone. In Indonesia, 87% of respondents aged 6 to 11 have their own smartphone – significantly above the global average of 69%. They’re also more likely to have a tablet, though to a lesser degree (76% Indonesia, 72% global).

Most are on social media. Among Indonesian kids, 70% reported having a social media account – much higher than the global average of 44%. The average age for getting their first account is 7.3, on par with the global average (7.2).

When they’re stressed and want to unwind, they turn to TV. Two-thirds of Indonesian 6- to 11-year-olds (67%) watch TV when they want to relax. Their other favorite ways to decompress are to play games on their phone/tablet (56%), listen to music (52%), sleep/nap (51%) and play video/computer games (45%).

They believe in themselves. Virtually all Indonesian kids (94%) believe it’s better to try things and make mistakes than never try at all, compared with 85% globally. Nearly 8 in 10 (78%) say they feel able to deal with whatever life throws at them, compared with 68% of global kids.  And they describe themselves as having the skills to succeed in life – curious (99%), creative (97%), optimistic (93%), confident (93%).

They know the value of hard work. Almost all Indonesian 6- to 11-year-olds believe it’s important to study hard when you’re younger so you can get a better job when you’re older (97% vs. 86% globally). And even more than their global peers, they think they can accomplish anything if they work hard enough (94% Indonesia, 87% global).