Antonio Campo dall’Orto, Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa recently travelled to the Middle East to speak at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit about Viacom’s insight into the Millennial generation in the region and around the world.

Here’s Screen Daily reporting:

Dall’Orto summarised the key characteristics and insights from ten US and global research studies conducted between 2009 and 2011, which collected data from 24 countries, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Dall’Orto started out by confirming that there are almost 2.4 billion ‘Millennials’ (people born 1981-2001) – also known as ‘Generation Y’ and the ‘Echo Boomers’ – in the world today, accounting for 34% of the total global population. The Middle East’s ‘Millennial’ bracket rises to an astonishing 48%.

The full story can be found here.