With all the new options for watching TV, more content is available to viewers than ever. Our global research study Today’s TV found that audiences truly enjoy expanding their horizons through television. Here’s what we learned:

TV is bringing the world to viewers everywhere. Using its power to transport audiences into the lives of others, TV opens viewers up to what’s happening everywhere – locally, nationally, and internationally. It brings different cultures, ideas, experiences, and perspectives into faraway living rooms. In fact, 67% of respondents said they were watching more TV shows made in other countries than a few years ago.

TV is a platform where all voices can be heard. So many stories have remained unspoken – and TV plays a role in raising their visibility. There was a sense among our participants that representation within TV content is improving. They perceive race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and disabilities as being portrayed on TV more now than in the past.

While new narratives are emerging, many more still need to be told. Viewers told us they appreciate how the explosion of TV content has enabled more diversity. But as much as they enjoy seeing a greater mix of talent and storylines, there’s also a sense that this is just a start. There is room for better representation and an eagerness to see new characters and stories – to experience life from different perspectives through their TV screens.