Though we are all eager to leave this year behind and get a fresh start in 2021, let’s give 2020 a proper send-off by revisiting some of the most popular trends of the year. We kept things light by participating in viral TikTok challenges like the Renegade challenge, laughing at relatable jokes about our crazy times with Elsa Mojimbo, and baking our worries away in the form of banana bread. Connection took the form of Zoom calls, virtual concerts, and living in virtual worlds in games like Animal Crossing. We even took a stand against systemic racism by creating social initiatives like VSCO’s #BlackJoyMatters photo initiative.

Our editorial series Culture+ looks at trending topics and events with an eye toward what they reveal about our shifting culture. Culture+ Trends is a special installment of this series, that breaks down the macro-trends impacting our audiences and businesses.

Our new Culture+ Trends video, 2020 Culture+ Trends Year in Review, examines the top trends of the year such as the Renegade challenge, cottagecore, sourdough starters, celebrating Black joy, the power of K-Pop fans and of course, the Ratatouille TikTok musical.

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