Young people in Latin America define “personal care” broadly – 88% agree that it means taking care of oneself physically, having good hygiene, and being of sound mind so they can feel healthy in every way.

They see all categories of personal care products as unisex except for makeup, which they associate with women. Men are not judged for taking care of their appearance and using creams or other beauty products.

While Latin American young people carry out their beauty routines with their regular brands, they’re open to experimentation when something new tempts them. They’re willing to pay more for products that are more expensive but promise good results, especially in the skin care category. When it comes to advertising, humor tend to generate higher recall.

YouTubers are the celebrities of the makeup world for both tutorials and makeup recommendations. Over half (60%) of Latin American young women have purchased a makeup product after seeing it in an online makeup tutorial.

Based on Culture Catchers, an online community where young people in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia express their opinions freely and share their experiences. Each study has 200 participants.