Young people in Brazil define “personal care” broadly – 71% agree that it means taking care of oneself physically, having good hygiene, and being of sound mind so they can feel healthy in every way.

Body care and grooming are not just for women. Brazilian guys also enjoy having and using their own products, especially shampoo, creams and sunscreen.

YouTubers are the celebrities of the makeup world for both tutorials and makeup recommendations. Over half (56%) of Brazilian young women have purchased a makeup product after seeing it in an online makeup tutorial.

Eco-friendly products that use “greener” ingredients or packaging are of interest to young people in Brazil. Half say they check to see if products use recyclable packaging. Cruelty-free and vegan products are new to the market and awareness of them is relatively low – just 15% said they have used these products.

Based on Culture Catchers, an online community where young people in Brazil freely express their opinions and share their experiences. Each study has 120 participants.