What are global kids’ main passions in life?

We recently explored this topic with children aged 6 to 11 across 30 countries, comparing results where possible with a 2012 survey of children aged 9 to 11. Across all ages and markets, the study found that kids rank quality time with people close to them above material concerns like having their own cell phone or new clothes.

Specifically, kids’ top 5 passion points are time with family, time with friends, going on holiday/vacation, time for fun and relaxation, and watching TV.

Looking at the older kids surveyed, those aged 9 to 11, the top 5 were exactly the same as 5 years ago.

Listening to music has risen in importance to kids. After not making the top 10 in 2012, it ranked seventh in 2017. Music made the top 10 in most (22) of the markets surveyed, placing as high as #4 in the US and #5 in Canada.

There were some other interesting differences at the country level.

For kids in China and Japan, time for fun and relaxation was #1, a possible indicator of highly pressured lives.

Being successful was not in the top 10 globally, but it ranked much higher in some developing countries, including Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Having a faith was in the top 10 in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the US.

And in just one country – the Philippines – using social media ranked as a top-ten passion point among kids.