Australians love watching TV. They love it so much that it’s become a core component of the Australian lifestyle. To further understand this phenomenon, a recent ViacomCBS study investigated the behaviors and attitudes of Australians in consuming TV. Key insights are highlighted below.

Compared to the global average of 69%, TV is a part of daily life for 84% of Australians. While it is seen as an important source of entertainment for 83% of Australians (vs. 70% globally), TV is also a hugely popular source of relaxation as 88% find comfort in watching TV (vs. 66% globally).

Unsurprisingly, Australians are eager consumers of TV content, with 83% excited by all the options they have to watch on TV (vs. 77% globally) and 70% saying they never miss an episode of their favorite TV show (vs. 65% globally). Such is the extent of this obsession that 28% of Australians define TV as “binge viewing,” almost twice the global average of 15%.

Among 94% of Australians that watch TV, the majority (83%) watch TV on TV sets, followed by laptops/desktops (76%) and smartphones (65%). Interestingly, Australians have relatively high usage rates of DVD/Blu-ray players and video game consoles (both 38%) to watch TV.

Despite being such avid TV-watchers, Australians feel the viewing experience could be simplified, with 85% saying they wish they could access all their TV content through one service and 79% wishing it were easier to find the TV shows and movies they love.