Earlier today, Comedy Central International’s Power of Laughter project won the award for Best Methodological Paper at ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. James Guerrier, Research Director for Comedy Central International, presented the study and accepted the award on behalf of all involved.

Power of Laughter is a groundbreaking analysis that used online facial coding to measure the responses of over 2,000 respondents across 9 countries. One of the study’s key findings was that a “halo effect” surrounds funny content. Viewers watching commercials that follow humorous programming have more positive feelings and are more engaged than viewers who saw factual content.

Power of Laughter was one of seven nominees for Best Methodological Paper, an award that celebrates the project of greatest technical and innovative interest. Additionally, Power of Laughter received nominations for the two other ESOMAR Congress 2014 awards, Best Paper Overall and Best Case History.

The study was presented to over 1,000 delegates from 72 countries at ESOMAR’s Annual Congress. ESOMAR is a global organization that encourages, advances and elevates market research worldwide. This year’s three-day conference, which ended today, focused on the theme “What Inspires?”

Please join us in extending a hearty congratulation to VIMN’s Comedy Central research team for their amazing work!

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