What values are most important to Indian young people today? And when it comes to the connection that technology can foster, what drives them?
This year, MTV India had conversations with more than 11,000 young people across more than 40 cities in India to find out. In this post and several upcoming ones, we’ll highlight findings from the comprehensive study of Indian youth that emerged, Curious Minds.

Back to the Future

Old school virtues are passé–or are they? The smart, old-world charm that often gets dusted under the rug is coming back with this generation! Young people are smart and pride themselves on being hard-working. Positivity and optimism are ingrained in their genes. They crave the respect and appreciation of their peers, not just the shine of money. And peeps are for keeps–friendship is to be cherished, not run over for quick wins. Shortcuts are out, honest hard work is in. Warm is the new cool.

Comfortable in their skin, the generation wants to win over the world–but on their own merit.

Connected and Curious

Young people today are inclined to explore more and question the ordinary. Aided by technology and the internet, information empowers them. Curating their own lives is important—they’d rather spend time exploring the world around them by age of 26 than be married and walking a set path. More than 54% agree that they would rather pursue their talent or interests than have just any job they can get their hands on.

Their curiosity and caring extends to the world they live in. Nearly three-quarters of the young we spoke to agreed that it was important to stay updated on the news–both national and international. In fact, more than half of them happily announce that the first thing they do in the morning when they wake up is to check their social media feeds. (Yes, they also sleep with their mobile phones close to them!)

Closer to home, they are proud of their country. They believe that the country has developed and has the potential for more development over the next five years. Although most find the electoral system complicated, they believe their vote can make all the difference, and more than 90% agree that it should be every Indian’s responsibility to stand up for what they believe in and cast a vote. This generation cares–and they’re not afraid to show it.

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