What do Millennials around the globe think of stand-up comedy? How often do they watch it, and what characteristics appeal to them the most?

Comedy Central recently conducted a study to answer these questions. Here are key findings:

When Millennials are looking for a laugh, stand-up comedy programming is among their top destinations.

  • Within the comedy genre, they most often seek out movies (62%), hosted comedy shows (55%), and sitcoms (54%)
  • Stand-up came in at a close #4, with half saying they watch it when they want to laugh
  • When asked what words they associate with comedy, stand-up is the comedy category that’s most top-of-mind (followed by sitcoms and slapstick)

On average, Millennials watch stand-up on a weekly basis. Good stand-up has replay value as well.

  • Stand-up is most popular among men and Comedy Central viewers
  • They watch it more at home (especially on TV) than out at clubs or bars
  • Nearly two-thirds of Millennials sometimes watch favorite routines or shows more than once
  • Many stand-up comedy viewers who don’t watch Comedy Central do view it on other channels – so increasing stand-up content on Comedy Central might attract new viewers

Funny stories, observations, and improvisation are the most popular types of stand-up comedy.

  • These three types have universal appeal, so they should inform content across all markets
  • Observational comedy is particularly popular among Millennials who don’t watch Comedy Central  – so featuring more of this genre on the channel could attract new viewers

Most Millennials mainly watch stand-up in their own language – but there is also an appetite for content with international appeal.

  • Local comedians, themes, and jokes are important within each market
  • A mix of global and regional shows would appeal to viewers
  • However, the majority of Russians are used to watching local content only – so there is a challenge in aligning this with other markets

Millennials are happy to give new comedians a chance, even if they don’t go out of their way to find them.

  • 6 in 10 say they happily watch new comedians if they happen to come across them
  • Russians and Italians have the least adventurous comedy appetites – so content from well-established comedians will be more important in these markets