“’Home-grown fashion appeals with the help of social media”

It seems as though the shine has begun to wear off reality talent shows. Genuine music fans long for something more authentic and organic. New eras make way for new trends.

The home-grown era

The biggest influencers in music are the ones who are not afraid to promote their individuality and develop their own sense of style. It has to seem authentic, real and distinctive.

Take Lady Gaga for instance, she took the world by storm with her catchy dance tunes and her outlandish outfits. She was the first global music artist of the noughties who fused high fashion with the dark side of dance music.

Soon after Gaga, came Hip Hop’s musical equivalent; in the form of Nicki Minaj. She made waves through the hip-hop scene with her fantastical Barbie personas, fused with raw rap lyrics. In the last few years, she has crossed over to mainstream pop, re-inventing the way female rap artists are portrayed by mainstream media.

Then comes Jessie J; a seemingly self-made, self-styled songstress, with a unique sense of fashion and a raw sense of honestly. Despite her immense vocal ability and eclectic fashion sense, she still has a girl-next-door quality, which most girls can relate to.

These artists have managed to carve style leader statuses, enabling them to become brands in their own right. They appeal to the mass audience because they’ve found innovative ways to connect with their fans with authentic style.

The Importance of Social Media

Social media creates new ways of being inspired. It’s a place for people to discuss, connect and gain access to a piece of the artist’s world. Social media is instant and crosses boundaries with the click of a button, enabling anyone to access style from around the world.

As a music fan, I find that I am more likely to connect with my favourite artists on Twitter, because they actually share their style tips through their tweets.

For instance, Jessie J often presents her latest fashion outfits, while she gets ready for a gig, or a casual day out using Instagram photos. I love finding out why she has picked a certain outfit on a particular day and hearing her personal account on what style items work best for her. The Twitter interaction makes her seem more real and I connect with her as a person – rather than just a famous singer. By viewing her Twitter page, I am more likely to gain direct access to her personal style and witness her image development first hand.

By LiLi Julian