“You get to see more of who they are as a fashion icon”

Watch any style or beauty advert and you’re likely to see a celebrity, often a musician, as the face of the commercial. Jennifer Lopez promotes Gillette Venus hair removal products, Nicole Scherzinger promotes imPRESS Press-on Manicure fake nails, Katy Perry promotes Proactiv skin care, and Cheryl Cole promotes L’Oréal hair dye. I could go on… There’s no denying that this celebrity endorsement is effective; having a well-recognised face on the front of a product is certainly one of the best ways to connect to the audience and appeal to a broader market. You get a look into the style of the artist and can see more of who they are as a fashion icon. It’s not only through music videos that artists can now promote their style. More recently musicians are starting to sell their own brands as well, from Beyoncé advertising her latest perfume to Cheryl Cole’s shoe collection at Stylist Pick. People like me (female in early 20s living in UK) are attracted to celebrity products but we’re also savvy to the industry of endorsement. This quote from my peer says it all… “I love all things celebrity, and am particularly drawn to celebrity perfumes. The name of the celebrity puts a confidence in me that the product won’t be of poor quality, but I am also very aware that they have nothing to do with the process when it comes to any of their products”. Another peer of mine is totally influenced by products they see on celebs… “If the product looks nice on the celebrity then I’m more likely to buy it.” So what is the impact of celebrity fronted products? Fans hold the celebrity accountable for the quality of that product and it can be very damaging for them if the product is then reported to be poor. Celebrities also need to think very carefully about which brands/products they endorse, as well as ensure the quality of their ‘own’ designs and ranges. That said… From the dress that Lana Del Rey wore in the recent H&M advert to Gwen Stefani’s lipstick, if we like what we see, we will buy it. By Charlie Derry