Television, the Internet, social networks, music players, tablets, Smartphones, social TV, Apps, consoles, social and multi-player games – the world of the Millennials is suffused with, and interwoven by, a tight net of different media. A reality characterized by constant availability, complete interconnectedness and perpetual communication.

MePublic II (2012) investigates young adults in Northern Europe, specifically to find out what information and communication channels they consider relevant in the purchasing process and how brands can benefit from the widespread usage of gadgets and devices.


  • Online survey of internet users between 14 and 34 in 10 countries (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland) with a sample of 5172 respondents
  • Online diaries: online photo diary, 80 participants
  • Online board discussion: asynchronous qualitative online discussion, 80 participants

Here are some of the findings:

TV generates attention


… gets attention” (69%); Internet 68%, Posters 51%

… is often a subject of discussion” (69%); Internet 67%, Social Networks 48%

… is entertaining” (80%); Internet 79%, Cinema 66%

Television as the power-medium is a kind of kick-off of new ideas

It is experienced as very entertaining, is the strongest in generating attention and provides the most material for interpersonal follow-up conversation, particularly on the internet.

Brand Sharing

The keyword for the internet and social is “sharing” which includes brands and companies (40%). Millennials use the Internet frequently to forward content via communities, chats or e-mails and have the digital power to spread brand messages across the young target group.

Shop the World

63% say they shop at least once a week with 40% shopping multiple times a week. The top shopped for product categories are food/snacks/sweets followed by mobile phones and travel/tourism. As you would expect, girls are more likely to shop for personal care/cosmetics and boys for computer and console games. The VIMN audience scores higher than the average online population for every single product category!

Advertising inspires me!

“Advertising informs me about new products/services and brands” – not only is advertising an integral part of contemporary media reality, it is perceived as helpful, informative and inspiring, leading to regular conversations with friends. Most of Northern European Millennials like advertising on TV (58%), almost as many have already purchased products after seeing them in TV adverts (51%).

The audience likes to be entertained. not just by the programmes, but also by the ads – 73% often recommend and share funny ads with theis social circles.

Again, VIMN users show an even higher affinity for advertising (65%), they are more likely to purchase products after TV ad reception (60%) and share funny ads more often (81%).

We are Opinion Leaders

VIMN in Northern Europe has a significantly higher share of opinion leaders amongst its recipients (28% vs. 23% all Millennials). They are a particularly valuable resource for communicating brand messages as they use media more often, are more avid shoppers and sharers and have a higher affinity for advertising. Thus, ad placements on Viacom channels are bound to reach strong multipliers and can be spread among peer groups more effectively.