In late September, Nickelodeon’s Slimefest took place in Manila, the Philippines. This was Asia’s first experience of the ultimate slime-filled, multiplatform music and entertainment event for kids and families. Slimefest Asia was a sold-out success, with 10,000 fans in attendance and 18,000 liters of slime used.

How do off-screen experiences like Slimefest provide value and meaning in the Philippines? Here are some of the insights we have uncovered among Filipinos aged 13 to 49:

Like vacations, events are highly planned. In the Philippines, 75% said the decision to book an event was planned, with 65% planning on specific things to do at the event.

Parents are often the decision-makers on leisure activities. 77% of Filipino parents say they have the biggest influence on where to go and what to do at events, while 31% of teens say they have the biggest influence.

Music concerts and theme parks are the most sought-after experiences. People in the Philippines attended an average of 5.5 events annually. When asked to rank the most interesting themes for potential events, music, comedy, and fashion experiences topped the list, with over half finding music-related events most appealing.

In a new themed event, Filipinos care most about cost and having something for everyone. The most important features are affordability (45%) and quality time for the whole family (44%).

Regardless of event type, all experiences should be immersive, designed to facilitate bonding, and make memories that can last a lifetime.