Recently, Viacom undertook a study aiming to understand consumer expectations of music festivals around the world, as well as their perception of brand involvement at these festivals. We spoke to 10,000 respondents aged 13-54 via an online survey in 10 countries, which included the Philippines and Indonesia. Here’s what we found:

 Significant numbers of people are going to music festivals.

  • 24% of 13-54 year olds in the Philippines and 29% in Indonesia say they have been to a music festival in the past 12 months

Once committed to a festival, consumers will spend whatever it takes for a good experience.

  • In the Philippines, the average spend is $88
  • In Indonesia, $94 is the average spent on tickets as well as food, drink, travel, merch, etc.

 Music remains central, but a truly satisfying experience is so much more than the music!

  • People are willing to pay for enhanced experiences at music festivals. (74% in the Philippines and 69% in Indonesia)
  • Enhanced experiences can range from better facilities (restrooms, toilet facilities) to VIP exclusives (meet and greets with bands/artists, priority access to the festival site, backstage pass, etc.)
  • Festivalgoers are willing to travel and stay. 66% of respondents from Indonesia and 65% of respondents from the Philippines said they have been to a music festival lasting at least 2 days in the past 12 months

Festivalgoers love the music – and experiencing it with others. That sense of connection isn’t just limited to the festival.

Amongst festivalgoers…

  • 96% in Indonesia and 95% in the Philippines agree a great line-up of artists is an essential part of any music festival
  • 93% in Indonesia and 95% in the Philippines agree music festivals are a great way to connect with like-minded people
  • 91% in Indonesia and 85% in the Philippines agree it’s important to capture and share experiences at a music festival on social media

Meeting festivalgoers’ high expectations is crucial to success – standing out and delivering in a crowded market requires big investment.

The perfect music festival has three core elements – line-up, production and location

  • Add 3 more elements (logistics, food, scale) for an even better experience

 Brands are integral to music festivals, particularly if their involvement means a better deal

  • 99% in Indonesia and 99% in the Philippines agree that brands supporting or partnering with a festival were able to improve the festival in some way
  • 92% in Indonesia and 77% in the Philippines definitely want to have brands at music festival if it means cheaper tickets

 When brands get it right, both the festival and the brand benefit.

  • % of festivalgoers who did this after encountering a brand at a music festival
    • Felt more positive about them: Indonesia – 62%, Philippines – 46%
    • Talked positively about them: Indonesia – 46%, Philippines – 44%
    • More likely to buy/use them in the future: Indonesia – 43%, Philippines – 40%
    • Looked up more info on them: Indonesia – 39%, Philippines – 31%