The world today offers no easy paths to security. Steady work is harder to come by. Housing costs are skyrocketing in some markets. Many are putting off marriage and children until later in life.

For adults around the globe, life is stressful—and entertainment is a key source of escapism.

A new video goes deeper into this idea, summarizing themes from VIMN Insights and Comedy Central Power of Laughter’s conversations with over 190,000 adults in 25 countries in 2015.

Here are a few insights that this research illuminated:

Global adults are personalizing their entertainment choices. Like kids and youth, adults are consuming content in new and different ways. While linear TV is still the go-to source for vegging out and must-watch events, on-demand experiences allow for catching up or binging on favorite shows. When it comes to catch-up, video on demand (VOD), channel apps and DVRs/PVRs are the preferred sources. SVOD (e.g. Netflix) is the main source for marathon viewing.

Humor relieves stress and binds their social circles. Comedy and humor are important release valves for global adults—and not surprisingly, comedy is their top interest. Whether watching a funny TV show with others or sharing a silly video on Facebook, humor lightens the mood and enhances relationships.

Fandom lets them stand out as individuals and find like-minded people. People’s tastes today can be highly specific and aren’t limited by geography. Online, anyone can become a knowledgeable fan of anything. That sense of expertise can be a form of personal expression in its own right, as well as a way to connect with others who share that interest.