How do adults 18 to 49 around the world feel about movies?

A recent Viacom International study surveyed over 12,000 people in this age range across 21 countries*. Here are some key findings:

  • Virtually all adults 18 to 49 globally enjoy watching movies. Not only are 95% movie fans, film’s popularity spans both genders and all age segments within the 18 to 49 demographic. Additionally, more than 90% of adults 18 to 49 in each of the 21 countries surveyed reported that they enjoy movies.
  • When it comes to fun, movies are a top choice. Among adults 18 to 49 globally, 83% say movies are among their favorite forms of entertainment.
  • For most, the small(er) screen is just fine. Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) say that watching movies on a big TV screen is just as good as the cinema.
  • Comedy and Action are the most popular genres. The most popular genres among adults 18 to 49 are Comedy (70% enjoy), Action (63%), Romantic Comedy (49%), Sci-Fi/Paranormal (43%), Fantasy (43%), Crime (40%). Though Comedy is #1 in most countries, Action is the favorite in Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands and Thailand. Crime is more popular in Northern Europe.
  • Global adults’ own lives most resemble a Comedy—but Romantic Comedy would be their preference. When asked which genre best matches their life at present, here’s what adults 18 to 49 chose: Comedy (30%), Contemporary Drama (28%), Romantic Comedy (23%) Action (22%). However, they’re most likely to wish their life was like a Romantic Comedy (25%).

*Countries: Australia, Hungary, UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, US