After 20 years, what makes SpongeBob continue to resonate among audiences of all ages and stand apart from other worldwide iconic franchises?

Our research has found that SpongeBob’s humor, positivity and fun make him unique and keep him in the hearts and minds of children, teens and adults alike. Here are some other insights about how the SpongeBob franchise performs in Asia-Pacific countries:

SpongeBob awareness is high.  Three Southeast Asian countries top the list in awareness, with Philippines (88%), Indonesia (86%) and Malaysia (71%) above the global average of 61%.  Among those who are aware, SpongeBob’s likeability increased 10% year-over-year – with SBSP being more liked than the global average in the Philippines (87%), Indonesia (82%) and Malaysia (76%).

More people know who lives at SpongeBob’s address than at the address of their own country’s leader. In China in particular, 1 in 3 kids could identify who lived in a “pineapple under the sea. Fewer could say who resides at the address of their country’s leader, or at the addresses of characters from other iconic franchises.

The Philippines’ top kids show is SpongeBob Squarepants. For the last 2 fiscal years, SpongeBob has been the #1 kids show among kids 2 to 14 in the Philippines.

Children love SpongeBob products in Southeast Asia. Globally, 1 in 5 kids own a SpongeBob branded product. This is even more pronounced in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines (49%), Indonesia (44%) and Malaysia (26%). *1

SpongeBob has broad appeal among kids, teens and adults. Kids and adults in China have a special passion for SpongeBob – and his fans have a clear message of “I’ll never get too old for it.”