According to our latest study, The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience, people around the globe are anxious about the future yet still quite happy. This project, which targeted people aged 6 to 54 in 30 countries, found that staying grounded is a key source of this resilience.

The study found that people are optimistic, but also realistic about the world’s imperfections. The percentage saying they always look for the positive rose from 80% in 2012 to 85% in 2017. Yet over that same period, trust has declined in many key areas, especially in religious leaders (down 33%), government and politicians (down 25%), and even in people’s own personal judgment (down 22%).

There is a desire not to put a gloss on things, for people to see the world and themselves for what they are — 91% of respondents say they’re keeping it real. When it comes to inspiring confidence in people even into their fifties, one individual in particular stands out: Mom.