It’s August, and in many parts of the world that means vacation time.

Going on holiday and having free time for fun and relaxation are becoming more prominent sources of happiness. People are placing even more value on having deep connections with family and friends, and having the right balance in life.

At the same time, materialism is waning. Outward measures of success like money, looking good, and driving a nice car are seen as less connected to happiness than five years ago.

This insight comes from our latest study, The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience, which took the pulse of people’s attitudes and outlooks on life in 30 countries and compared the results to five years ago. This project found that people are more worried about personal safety, yet happy as ever. This happiness is attributable to a rise in resilience – and one way people are accomplishing that is by living more in the present and enjoying the moment.

In these stressful times, people cope by taking the time to relax with those they care about.