What role does social video play in the lives of American young women?

To answer this question, we conducted a three-phase research project that included a quantitative survey of 1,500 girls and women 13 to 30 in the US, focus groups, and social listening. Here’s what we learned:

Young women want relatable social video that allows them to refresh, grow, and be in-the-know.

  • Refresh. Videos that help young women “refresh” are a source of relaxation and laughter. When it comes to topics, food, comedy, animal, and gaming videos tie back to this need.
  • Grow. Young women turn to these videos for self-improvement. They watch them to feel better inside and out, learn new things, empathize with others, and process their own experiences. Topic-wise, these videos can include beauty, DIY, fashion, health and wellness, relationships, fitness, “adulting,” and high school issues.
  • Be in-the-know. This type of video satisfies young women’s need to stay up-to-the-moment on all their favorites and have a view into other lives and lifestyles. Topics for this category include media and entertainment, celebrities and pop culture, current events, and sports.

Social video helps young women navigate the challenges and opportunities of each life stage.

  • Teens (age 13 to 17) are balancing school, extracurricular activities, family, and busy social lives – along with the timeless “firsts” of growing up like crushes, romance, and both social and academic pressure. They’re exploring who they are and learning to express themselves, which can be stressful. For girls in this age group, social video is a source of comfort and connection. It gives them tools to figure out what they’re good at and what they like, and lays groundwork for building self-confidence. Videos that help them navigate the nuances of high school are of particular interest.
  • Young adults (age 18 to 24) are moving from high school to college or other life paths. They’re trying to find their place in the world and leaning into their strengths so they can stand out both IRL and online. When they turn to social video, it’s for useful tidbits they can connect over throughout their day, as well as tools for self-development and an opportunity to expand their worldview. “Adulting” videos are especially popular with this group as they transition toward independence.
  • Adults (age 25 to 30) are taking on real-world responsibilities as they plan what’s next for them in life. Learning how to “adult” means that cooking, managing finances, and other life skills come to the forefront. Women in this age range use social video for mindless entertainment, escapism, and to connect with others. They’re especially drawn to content that’s inspirational and instructional, or nostalgic and reminiscent of more carefree times. Sports and fitness topics are also compelling to them.

Overall, social video entertains young women while equipping them with information to succeed in their current life stage – and prepare for the next one.