The internet is a playground for kids in Brazil, according to past ViacomCBS research. And this is especially true today, as Brazilian kids stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Going online is a place to learn, play, and share. At times, it can be a source of stress, too.

Here are some insights we’ve found on Brazilian kids’ relationship to tech:

Brazilian kids are big fans of technology and see the internet as an essential part of life. Virtually all Brazilian kids aged 6 to 11 say they love technology (93%), above the global average of 83%. Among those aged 9 to 11, 71% feel that being connected to the internet is as much a part of everyday life as eating and sleeping (18% above the global average) and 78% believe that internet access is a basic human right (13% above).

They turn to gaming to unwind from stress. When Brazilian kids aged 6 to 11 want to relieve stress, their top 2 behaviors are spending time with family and friends (50%) and playing video or computer games (49%). While kids globally are equally as likely as those in Brazil to turn to their loved ones when they need to relax, Brazilian kids are 53% more likely to turn to gaming. Other ways kids in Brazil decompress include watching TV shows (46%), listening to music (40%), and playing games on a phone or tablet (40%).

Sharing life experiences online is common among Brazilian kids. For those aged 9 to 11, 77% say that when they see something funny, the first thing they want to do is share it with friends (18% above the global average). Nearly half (49%) say they love to share all their experiences on social media (29% above the global average).

Social media can be a source of anxiety. Because Brazilian kids are such active participants in the online world, they’re 53% above the global average for feeling embarrassed if they post something on social media and don’t receive a lot of “likes,” 47% more likely to worry about pictures or stories on social media causing them future problems, 41% more likely to have been unfriended by someone they thought was a friend.

While some wish they could take a break, the majority see the internet as a source of discovery and new perspectives. Close to half of kids 9 to 11 in Brazil (44%) think they spend too much time on social media and wish they could take a break from the internet – 29% above the global average. But the majority (81%) say the internet has introduced them to things they would not have discovered otherwise (7% above the global average), and 76% think that having internet access changes the way they think about the world (13% above).