In a fluid, fast-changing world, how are kids becoming equipped to thrive in the future?

For our latest global study, Kids of the World, we spoke to almost 6,000 kids aged 6 to 11 across 31 countries, spending time with them as well as their families and friends. We found that children today have strong support networks that supply them with a solid foundation from which to broaden their skills. They’re participating happily in activities that develop their personalities and foster self-reliance.

Kids enjoy being able to do things for themselves – and many are pitching in with housework. Globally, 73% of parents told us their kids help out at home, from cleaning to cooking to childcare. Having such responsibilities makes them feel valued, proud and more independent.

Technology helps kids pursue knowledge and hone talents. Most kids say they use their free time to build new skills (88%). At home, kids have a range of devices at their disposal – 41% globally have their own tablet, 37% have their own smartphone and 76% say they use more than one device at the same time. They’re utilizing online resources to learn new things in fun ways, from coding to crafts.

Technology isn’t the only way kids are acquiring skills, however. Offline, many participate in a range of activities that help them develop and grow. They lead highly scheduled lives – but they’d rather be busy than bored. Nevertheless, they also value unstructured free time and the effect that relaxing activities can have upon their mood.

From experimenting with independence to engaging in self-development, kids around the world are learning important skills and behaviors as they equip themselves for tomorrow.