What are Latin American tweens’ habits when it comes to spending and saving? A recent Nickelodeon study based on an online panel of children 9 to 14 in Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia sought to find out.

Here are key findings from that analysis:

Saving gives tweens autonomy and freedom in their consumption choices.

  • They acquire the idea of saving at a young age
  • For many, saving is the only way to get things they really want
  • 75% have their own money
  • They get cash as allowance, as gifts, or for doing chores
  • The habit of saving generally comes from parents

It’s important to tweens to make their own spending decisions.

  • They plan their purchases and look for a good deal
  • Parents influence spending decisions
  • On average, they save for larger items for 2 months to a year
  • They also like to treat themselves to snacks/sweets

The mall is the perfect place to shop—they can find everything they want there.  

  • A place to browse the latest trends and make/plan purchases
  • Family-friendly entertainment space: movies, food court, video games, window shopping

Tweens’ main interests when making purchases are fashion and technology.

  • Girls more interested in fashion; boys more into technology and sports
  • Fashion/trends drive consumption decisions–tweens are not brand-loyal, but do look for brands that speak to them
  • Technology is the most aspirational product category (most appealing: smartphones, tablets, and consoles)
  • Most tweens aspire to upgrade tech products they own to newer, faster models