What do Millennials aspire to when they consider their career possibilities? How has coming of age in a difficult economy shaped their goals for future work?

These questions were answered in a new study by Viacom International Media Networks, “MTV Knowing Youth: 2020 Vision.” This report, which also gave insight into who global Millennials are and how they envision the world in 2020, was based on an online survey of people ages 15 to 24 across 32 countries, as well as ethnographic videos and interviews in 17 markets.

Taken from that report, here are some key insights on what Millennials think about their futures in the world of work:

A fulfilling job is their ultimate aim. Millennials want to find work that’s enjoyable and that brings meaning to their lives. Liking what they do is a primary goal – and the competitiveness of the job market may be what’s driving their desire for meaningful work. With low expectations for finding a high-paying job, they instead hope to find work that satisfies them in a deeper way.

Money is secondary to happiness – and financial stability holds more appeal than wealth. For Millennials, a job that plays to their passions is preferable to one that simply pays well. Happiness comes first. They appreciate the value of emotional wealth highly – possibly more than previous generations. This is not to say that financial security is unimportant, however. Many talk about wanting money, but they’re not necessarily driven by the prospect of getting rich. Instead, their preference is to have enough financial stability for money not to be a concern.

They accept – and even welcome – the fact that a job for life is no longer as relevant now. Millennials realize that this way of looking at work is very different from their parents, who may have spent their entire careers in one job or field. They also recognize that there are new careers on the horizon that don’t even exist today. To set along a fixed path now could shut off further opportunities down the line.

They’re seeking out portfolio careers. Many Millennials have an area in mind that they’d like to pursue, but there is an underlying expectation that this is one step along a much larger journey. There will be twists and turns that they can’t foresee, so a portfolio career makes the most of their creativity and adaptability. This diversity of possibilities also provides an added sense of excitement about what the future will hold.

They can exercise different sides of themselves by pursuing multiple career paths.  Many young people dream of combining a creative profession (like singer, musician, artist, or entrepreneur) with something more traditional, like doctor or lawyer. A portfolio career like this allows them to express themselves in different ways and ensures that their lives are as fulfilling as they can be.