For young people in India, work is important – however, there is life beyond their careers. It’s all about balance. They’re willing to do the hard work, but they demand their downtime, too.

  • 86% say it’s important to have a good work/life balance
  • 80% believe it’s good to take a sabbatical at some point
  • 81% think it’s important to work hard, but also to have outside hobbies and interests

Money is important, too – though they see it less as a yardstick of success than a way to pay the bills. After all, they want to explore the world and that isn’t free.

With money as a means to an end, job satisfaction and a sense of purpose outrank merely getting rich. Gaining the respect of their peers and the world at large is a goal for many. Money is secondary to making a name for yourself and creating a definitive niche.

What else is more important to Indian youth than money?

  • Talent (according to 81%)
  • Success (81%)
  • Education (77%)

In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 (73%) think money is only a facilitator of happiness.

These insights are part of The Many Me Project, a six-month interactive investigation of 11,000 people ages 13 to 25 across India.