When Millennials think of their futures, two of their key hopes are to see the world and meet new people.This was a key finding from a new study by Viacom International Media Networks, “MTV Knowing Youth: 2020 Vision.”

This report, which also gave insight into who global Millennials are and how they envision the world in 2020, was based on an online survey of over 6,800 people ages 15 to 24 across 32 countries, as well as qualitative work in 17 markets. The qualitative work had a sample of 72 participants and included in-person interviews in respondents’ hometowns, as well as user-generated, ethnographic videos.

Taken from that report, here are some key insights on Millennials’ desires to travel and expand their personal connections:

They see travel as part of being a well-rounded citizen. Nearly all young people in every market spoke of a desire to travel, which is almost a rite of passage for Millennials. There is a sense that seeing more of the world can make you a better person. They also believe it’s necessary to visit other places in order to attain a balanced perspective and be a valid global citizen.

They’re looking to the whole world for educational and career opportunities. With communication being so global, Millennials are seeking out new possibilities far beyond their own towns and countries. This doesn’t feel wild or scary to them. Rather, it feels like something they need to do – and something that can be done easily. In China in particular, young people see traveling to America as necessary to get beyond the glass ceilings they feel are imposed on them at home. Across all markets, however, some see more opportunities for themselves abroad than in their native countries.

Meeting new people is a truly meaningful aspiration. The hyper-connected Millennial generation is constantly looking to broaden its networks. Millennials’ need to connect and share defines them – so it’s not surprising that so many speak of wanting to meet new people in the future. Whether at college, at work, or abroad, they look forward to making new friends to help them expand their outlooks. And while they love the close friends they have now, there is room for more. The more connections they have, the richer their lives will be.

Their desire to keep meeting new people acknowledges an innate expectation of change. Millennials live in a world that’s in flux – and they appreciate the challenges that change can bring. When they look ahead, they don’t picture themselves living in the same place and hanging out with the same people. They imagine their lives will constantly evolve to include new people, places, and experiences.