Many Hispanic Millennials—especially those who are 19 to 29—aren’t working as much as they’d like and stuck in part-time jobs they’re unhappy with. They’re dissatisfied with their current situations. So if they could do anything they wanted, what would that be?
As part of its new study, “Hispanic Adult Millennials at Work and Play, Tr3s asked what type of work they would find ideal. And as it turns out, independence and flexibility are valued traits in a potential career. Here are some of Tr3s’s newest insights on what types of work arrangements Hispanics ages 19 to 34 would like to have:

Entrepreneurship is very appealing.While about 1 in 10 Hispanic Millennials own their own business, more than half said that would be an ideal career path. Among Millennials overall, Hispanics are more interested in entrepreneurship than non-Hispanics (50% vs. 43%). Those on the older end of the Hispanic Millennial demographic (ages 30-34), as well as the foreign-born/Spanish-dominant segment, are most likely to see self-employment as a preferred outcome for themselves.

A majority would like to work from home. A quarter of Hispanic Adult Millennials plug into their jobs from home – and 62% believe that would be ideal. In particular, the 30-34 segment and women are most interested in being able to work remotely.

Being a solopreneur is ideal to some. For some Hispanic Millennials, being a one-person show sounds like the way to go. Though few report working alone, nearly 1 in 5 said they would like to (4% work by themselves, 18% said that would be ideal).

There is also interest in freelance or consulting work. Few report working as free agents, but freelancing and consulting are perceived as ideal by much larger segments. Male Hispanic Millennials are most likely to see freelance and consulting work as ideal.

Those who want to work for others prefer small companies. Currently, 46% of Hispanic Adult Millennials work for companies with less than 50 people. A larger percentage (60%) see businesses of this size as ideal.