Dynamic, confident, and always connected, Millennials speak a different language—a dialect understood by their peers. They have their own unique way of thinking and their own definitions of their world, with rules that change intuitively and naturally. No one is privy to it. Young people are constantly changing and reinventing themselves to keep pace with the world at large.

What makes this generation tick? This year, MTV India had conversations with more than 11,000 young people across more than 40 cities in India to find out. In this post and several upcoming ones, we’ll highlight findings from the comprehensive study of Indian youth that emerged, Curious Minds.

Why So Curious?

Born into technology, Indian Millennials are constantly glued to this window to the world—and this direct connection to the world via the internet inspires them to dream. Their self-confidence makes these dreams bigger and bolder. With the majority of them being happy and optimistic by nature, this generation is ready to make the most of what life hands them every day.

Did you think of them as lazy, careless and restless? Think again.

Hardworking, Open-minded, Happy and Confident are the primary values that define this generation. Almost 89% agree that life is good. Happy and confident – this generation is full of dreamers. Almost 30% attribute happiness in their life to their families, the main source of their happiness. The next big drivers of happiness are friends and individual achievement.

What’s more, Indian Millennials have parents who support them and encourage them to explore. More than 41% claim that their parents are modern in their outlook, and 72% admit that parents are like friends and collaborators with whom they can share most things about their life. This allows them the freedom to choose, and the courage to dream big. This also allows them to stay curious, explore the world and to curate their lives the way they want to live it. The way they see it, it’s important to stay curious in order to explore options and curate their lives.

More details on this project will follow on the blog shortly. For more information on insights from MTV India, please visit https://www.mtvplay.in.