Find out how Mitchell got on at the presenting workshop in Amsterdam.

When MTV Voices presented their own Pop-Up at the very hip club Trouw in Amsterdam, I woke up at 5AM to take the first train to Amsterdam to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at MTV. It’s so rare that such a well-known brand like MTV gives their audience a chance like this. I was really excited, but also nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect from a company I’ve been watching for such a long time on TV.

The day started with a hosting workshop from MTV hosts Becca Dudley (MTV UK) and Barbera Karel (MTV NL). They gave me personal feedback on a video of me presenting MTV News, which I brought along with me on my iPad. They said I appeared very natural and they could tell I genuinely love presenting. It’s so crazy for me to realize that the presenters I know from TV are now sitting next to me on a couch, giving me one-on-one feedback, having a laugh with me and telling me fun anecdotes about their careers.

Then we got paired up and we got the chance to host MTV News with a professional crew recording everything. This was the real deal. After each take, we got tips and the takes kept getting better and better. Every time we recorded another take, I could immediately use the feedback I got and this really boosted my presenting skills. The tips and tricks I got were very valuable to me, because I’m very passionate about presenting. I got a lot of on screen hosting experience that day and it was an amazing experience for me, because that’s something I always wanted to try out.

Another highlight for me that day was the speech of Kerry Taylor, the Senior VP at Viacom. I loved hearing first-hand the story about her career. It was nice that she told us about making mistakes, crying on the toilet and then putting yourself back together to be the best you. These kinds of stories made it very relatable to me. At the Q&A after, I got to ask her some questions about keeping the brand fresh and exciting and also about how MTV stays in contact with their audience. It was so cool to hear her talk about these subjects that I, as a business student, currently only learn about in textbooks.

At the Pop-Up I met so many cool people from MTV and I’m so happy I went because it was really worth my time! Personally, I think it’s great that MTV gave young people like me, the opportunity to gain skills and experience. From the personal feedback on my hosting skills, to the inspiring speeches from Kerry Taylor and RJ Mitte, it makes me feel like MTV really cares about us, their audience. I really love that MTV organised this Pop-Up because it gave me the opportunity get skills that I know are going to help me in the future. I hope more companies will follow MTV’s lead and give young people inspiration to follow their dreams!

Thanks MTV!

Mitchell Mungroop, 21, Professional violinist/aspiring presenter

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