AdGully talks with Sumeli Chatterjee, Head of Marketing and Insights at MTV India, about the access and implementation of information for Millennials and the new research on “The Empowered Generation”.

This is the most practical generation ever; and has a mind of its own. You cannot force them to like you or follow you or buy you. Call it being selfish, the youth likes to choose and decide for itself. Why so? ‘Because this is the generation which is the most empowered and vocal that has ever been. 98% of them state they have the power to influence the society; and 92% do not seek society’s permission to his life. Not only do these youngsters have a point of view on current happenings, they also are vocal about it on different platforms. If they care of a particular cause / issue, a 56% proactively discuss that with friends on their social media handles; 39% join online communities and a 17% volunteer to work on a part-time basis. Boys are more pre-disposed to write about issues bothering them on social media. These statistics have been collated through interviews with 5000+ youngsters across 25+ cities in India.

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