“Travel is intrinsically linked to personal style ad fashion choices”

Cultures of cities echo through my fashion choices…

The world and fashion have two things in common; they are both in a constant state of change and they influence each other simultaneously.

This is reflected at a personal level in terms of my style. Global experiences play a very instrumental role in inspiring my clothing choices. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a number of great cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Paris. The culture of each city echoes through my fashion choices. This is in order to tell a story and enhance my individuality. For instance, the retro sunglasses I may wear with a Hawaiian print t-shirt on Monday will emanate the vibe of an LA urbanite that enjoys skateboarding. Global influences have bolstered the different facets of my individuality.

Travel has made a lot of important contributions to my personal development. Fashion has and still is one of the channels I use to reinvent myself. For instance, I used to wear clothes that were twice my size but my visit to Paris drastically influenced me to include some elegance into my outfit ensembles. This was done through selecting the right cuts that complemented my body shape. Through being open to learning about different cultures and trends I allowed my style to be moulded. I think I will need a bigger wardrobe.

By Joshua Okungbaiye