Don’t get me wrong, I like a good club night out every once in a while but I usually prefer something a little less expensive and a bit more relaxed…

Instead of paying entry fees for clubs, I’d rather choose a bar. I enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with music which allows you to still have a decent conversation at the same time. Good music is crucial. Alternative concerts where local bands play everything from punk to hip hop are always a safe bet and so are cool bars and low-key home parties. These are much more appealing to me. Why spend €10 on admission and the same amount for a cocktail – if you can have it for less expensive or even for free.

I want to have the control over how I spend my money – and also my time. While I don’t like to squander money on clubbing, I feel differently about concerts and would definitely spend a bit more to see my favourite bands (which will most likely play a huge venue, including excessive ticket prices ), but unfortunately they don’t come to Munich that often. So, in the mean-time I enjoy going to small-scale club concerts, which only cost a few Euros entrance fee or even nothing at all, if you’re friends with the band. Knowing the band is not always important- although I usually see ones I’ve heard about before or my friends have recommended. With several acts playing in a row, those gig nights therefore not only give you the chance to meet like-minded people and cool new places, but also experience exciting new music – and even if one of the bands is not your cup of tea, at least you didn’t spend too much money on it!

But these events also appeal to myself due to the kind of people you’ll meet there – the metal scene, indie kids and skateboard/BMX people are much more relaxed, friendly and polite compared to the usual party goers you will find in the mainstream clubs. These people are open-minded and creative, which I find much more inspiring and enjoyable. And while I know that it’s important for some of my friends to go shopping beforehand and dress up – honestly, for me it’s the exact opposite. Just jeans or shorts, trainers, my denim jacket and a beer, creative people all around me, good music in my ears – that’s where I feel most comfortable. Going to a concert or a bar for a few hours, meeting your friends for a BBQ by the river, the occasional drink, or even just going to the cinema or bowling – that’s my kind of weekend. No need for throwing up, losing your shoes, paying too much for overrated drinks and the endless tube ride home at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Lisa Tripolt, 22, Munich, Bavaria, Germany