Continuing our Gaming theme this month (see Sticky), here is a piece on U.S. Hispanic Adult Millennials and Gaming from our Insight Tr3s team.

Gaming is a big part of life for many Millennials. But are there differences in the ways Hispanics and non-Hispanics make decisions about which gaming systems to buy? And once they have gaming devices, do they use them differently? To find out, Tr3s asked adult Millennials in both groups about their gaming-related habits as part of its 2012 research study, Hispanic Adult Millennials Living the Next Normal: Age of Uncertainty.

The most important finding about gaming that this study revealed was that gaming consoles are really a product for the whole family in Hispanic adult Millennials’ households. For non-Hispanic adult Millennials still living with their parents, it’s the opposite: gaming devices are more of an individual item.

When Hispanic adult Millennials or their families are in the market for a gaming device, who decides what to buy? It’s a family decision, generally, and both gaming consoles and portable devices are used by multiple members of the household. This was true in homes where Hispanic adult Millennials still live with their parents, as well as in households where they live with their own young families. In contrast, the majority of non-Hispanic adult Millennials living with their parents choose the gaming equipment in their households for their own personal use.

Interestingly, the reverse is true for tablets. In Hispanic households, tablets are more of a personal device for the adult Millennial, while in non-Hispanic households they’re used by multiple family members.

In addition to gaming devices being a shared household purchase for Hispanics, playing with them is more of a social experience than a solitary endeavor. (This may be the reason why their gaming purchases are family decisions.) Gaming is a way for them to balance their virtual and “IRL” (in real life) lives. They enjoy playing games, both live and online, with people their own age – family members like siblings or cousins, or with friends.

As far as what kinds of games Hispanic adult Millennials prefer, Wii games are popular, as are shooter and sports games. For many young adults, gaming is also a way to work up a sweat and get moving. More than a quarter of Millennials play video games for exercise.

Also published on Insight Tr3s.