When kids around the world watch TV today, the television screen is just one option available to them. To understand children’s viewing behavior in this fast-changing media environment, Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS launched Connected Kids, a new and ongoing online study that will provide an in-depth look at how global youth are consuming TV and video content.

A new infographic emerging from this study focuses on how kids use devices for viewing. Here are some key findings:

  • Smart TVs are kids’ favorite viewing device
  • Kids are much more likely to always watch TV/video content on a TV than on a tablet (67% vs 25%)
  • However, 55% of kids sometimes view on a tablet
  • 73% of kids choose the TV set when they know what they want to watch
  • But 33% will turn to the tablet when they want to watch something specific that’s not available on the TV set
  • Top 3 devices owned by kids: tablet (52%), TV set (31%), game console (28%)