When it comes to understanding moms today, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Those with young kids span two generations, Millennials and Gen X. As their relationship to technology creates an increasingly segmented market, these moms want to be identified on multiple levels and marketed to as individuals.

In Australia, a recent joint project by Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS, MultiChannel Network and BabyCenter sought to understand how technology and content have affected modern moms. This study, “Paranoid or Prepared?,” combines both qualitative and quantitative analysis of more than 1,500 respondents across Australia. Here are some key insights and takeaways from this project: Though moms were defined en masse in the past, today they define themselves.

  • Their roles and challenges change with time
  • While being a mom is their #1 defining role and proudest achievement, it’s not all they are
  • Takeaways: have empathy, acknowledge they’re not all the same, use relatable moms, provide a forum for sharing achievements

In a sea of information and conflicting advice, trust is key.

  • Moms are looking for brands and advice they can trust (heritage/established, expert or peer endorsements)
  • Takeaways: give honest advice, make it simple, partner with experts

Moms are generally happy, but stressed.

  • They wish they had more time for themselves and for family
  • Technology and information overload is an issue
  • Takeaways: use simple and actionable communication, help them slow down and de-stress

Smartphones are moms’ backup brains.

  • They’re using smartphones for everything
  • However, they have a love/hate relationship with them—valuing useful features but wishing they could switch off
  • Takeaways: understand who you’re targeting, empathize with their needs/challenges, deliver simple solutions

Moms are connecting across more devices and in more locations.

  • They’ll embrace brands that appear to add value
  • Gen X moms use different devices for different tasks
  • Takeaways: Help Gen X moms embrace all that technology offers, make sure offerings are PC-friendly for Gen X, provide inspiration and ideas, make the mundane fun

Millennial moms are especially big mobile users. •    They’re using mobile technology to get inspiration, research products, and shorten the path to purchase •    Millennials are more likely to research on the go •    Takeaways: safety first (reassure moms), make it easy/visual/immediate, make sure it works Moms want to be their kids’ best friends.

  • Moms want to spend more quality time together and put kids first in everything
  • They’re increasingly going on social media and gaming to connect with kids
  • Takeaways: provide opportunities to have fun together (in person or digitally), offer the chance to be a “cool mom”

Moms love to be part of a reassuring network.

  • All moms love to share (some a bit too much!)
  • They’re increasingly looking for trusted and trusting communities
  • Millennial moms more likely to head online
  • Takeaways: empower influencers (who can become your best marketers), provide a platform to share experiences, align with an established community, give them something to discuss

They’re nostalgic about life before they had kids.

  • Moms miss the freedom, the activities they used to do, and their looks
  • Many also miss their careers
  • Takeaways: help them celebrate new roles and manage change in their lives, provide a judgment-free community to connect with peers

Technology leaves moms feeling paranoid and prepared.

  • Technology can be a source of anxiety, especially among Gen X moms
  • Millennial moms have embraced technology as a parenting tool, but feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice
  • All moms feel overwhelmed by their kids’ technology use
  • Their kids’ safety, both online and in real life, are huge concerns
  • Takeaways: offer reassurance, centralize and validate information, help them understand what their kids are doing